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December 28, 2007

Lanat upon Yazid.

Indscribe of An Indian Muslim's Blog writes with outrage over recent comments by Dr Zakir Naik during the Aman Conference in Mumbai. In a nutshell, Naik seeks to portray the martyrdom of Imam Husain AS as nothing more than a political dispute rather than the manifestation of good vs evil, which is the concensus view of most muslims regardless of sect or ideology. Indscribe comments,

It is unthinkable to eulogize and glorify Yazid. Dozens of Muslim organisations and scholars have condemned the statement. Says Hafiz Syed Tahir Ali, 'the battle between Hazrat Imam Husain and Yazid was a fight between good and evil'.

Muslim leaders have questioned how a person like Yazid, who was responsible for the brutal killings of the grandson of Prophet and his family & companions, and the person who led the destruction at Medinah, could be held in such a high esteem by Naik.

Such thinking has nothing to do with Shia-Sunni difference as non-Muslims also take inspiration from the sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Husain. I remember once a guy was expressing similar sentiments about Yazid in a drawing room conversation and all of us were outraged(of course, everybody was a Sunni there).

It seems clear that the only reason for a provocative statement is to provoke. The idea that Shi'a are apostates, innovators, etc is an insidious poison in the muslim polity, much like anti-Semitism in the West, and on occasion it finds an outlet. Hence anything associated with Shi'a must be discredited, even Imam Husain AS and Karbala itself. This is analogous to Holocaust denial on the part of skinhead Nazis and other rightwing Western groups. There is no other explanation for a statement so at odds with the historical record, consensus, and common sense.


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