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October 9, 2007

Kuwait clerics deny Bohra masjid.

KUWAIT: A controversy is ongoing over a plan by the government to grant the Bohra community in the country a plot of land to build a worship place as a senior Islamist MP yesterday called for scrapping the plan.

The cabinet has recently approved a request to provide the land for thousands of Bohras living and working in Kuwait to build their own worship place. The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs then sent the request to the Municipal Council to allot the land in Ardhiya. The ministry asked for 1,600 square meters for the mosque and additional 5,000 square meters for a car parking lot.

The Municipal Council is due to discuss the ministry's request today (Tuesday) amid strong indications that the council will reject the request because none of the Bohra community living in the country is a citizen. Islamist MP Khudair Al-Enezi in a statement yesterday called on the government to scrap plans of awarding the land to Bohras.

The ostensible reason for denying the land is that Bohras are not citizens of Kuwait (which has typically nativist laws regarding immigrants and property ownership). However, the real reason is that Bohras are Shi'a and thus considered non-muslim kuffar as far as the ulema is concerned.


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