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October 27, 2007

Handover in Karbala.

good news, I suppose:

US forces are to hand over control of security in the Shia province of Karbala to Iraqi troops early next week, US and Iraqi officials say.

US troops will remain in reserve positions to assist if called upon

of course it's not as simple as that:

Iraqi and US military officials have downplayed concerns over rivalries between Shia factions in the province.

"This place is about a struggle for power and influence and there are indeed inter-Shia rivalries where different groups are trying to be in charge and sometimes they revert to violence," said the US commander in the province, Maj Gen Rick Lynch.

The benchmark here is simple: damage to the shrines. I find it hard to believe that any Shi'a sect would willingly damage or put at risk the holy shrines. Of course by their nature they are targets for anyone with a vested interest in promoting sectarian violence... which includes both shi'a and sunni factions alike. On the whole, thouhg, there's not much choice here; iraqis have to take responsibility for the safety of the holy sites. So this is good news.



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