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February 15, 2004

Eid-e Ghadir-e-Khum.

For any who are looking for information about Eid-e Ghadir e-Khum, do look at my entry from last year. I am quite late this year in honoring the occassion on my blog, mostly because our celebration in real life was far more pressing.

Salam Pax has a fascinating entry about the first celebration of Eid--e-Ghadir in Iraq by the long-oppressed Shi'a (Ithna Ashari) majority, finally free of Saddam. I am pleased to see mention of Qur'an-e-Natiq. It is a reference to the other famous hadith, "I am the city of knowledge, and Ali is the gate."

This day I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen Islam as your religion' (5:3)

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