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August 28, 2003

still in existence.

Bill points to this footnote on page 78 of The Qur'an: A Short Introduction:

The Rafidis, usually descripted as "a group of extremist Shi'is" alleged the 'Uthman had expunged some verses from the Qur'an (Zarkashi 1972 1:240). Literally, meaning "repudiators", the term was also used as a term of abuse by some Sunni theologians for all Shi'is. None of the earlier Shi'i groups that rejected the authenticity of the 'Uthmannic canon are still in existence.

and notes "The last sentence is phrased oddly." Agreed. It is interesting to see how the Qur'anic sanction of taqqiyyah (dissimulation) is interpreted by Sunni polemicists. Thankfully, their scorn blinds them to its use.

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