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April 9, 2003

karbala watch: saddam donkey.

From the Washington post:

Army officers hope that the relative ease with which Najaf and Karbala fell bodes well for their efforts to gain support from Shiite majority throughout Iraq. A gathering of senior Army officers on Highway 9 in the city late this afternoon drew an upbeat crowd of more than 100, who alternated expressions of appreciation with petitions for help. Among the shouts from the crowd:

"Thank you very much, Mr. Boss."

"We love you United States."

"Saddam donkey."

"Night and day, no water."

"Hospital. No electricity, no food, no medicine."

"Very happy. I love you George Bush."

This is refreshing and expected. But what happens next?

And I still havent heard anything about the maniacs barricaded inside the tombs of Husain AS and Abbas AS in Karbala and in the tomb of Ali AS in Najaf.

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