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March 24, 2003

Salam Pax returns.

Salam Pax has updated Dear Raed - he and his family are well, though shaken. It seems that internet was indeed cut of for some time, though now access has been restored. Google and Blogger are providing a mirror to the blog at as well.

Salam reports that there has also been some bombing of Karbala. I hope this is not true. I hope perhaps he can leave a comment with more detail - I wonder (in a most desperate self-delusional way) that this might not be misinformation by Iraqi govt sources, to try and rally Shi'a sentiment against the American advance. Or perhaps this is a reference to the helicopter attack against the Republican Guard in the vicinity of Karbala (see post below). Hopefully Salam will have more to say about Karbala soon.

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